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Name Type Lv1 Locations Lv2 Locations Lv3 Locations Summon MP Seru HP by level Seru MP by level
Iota earth attribute Mt. Dhini; Rogue's Tower Jette's Absolute Fortress Bio Castle 90 1900, 2500, 2750 160, 240, 320

Paralyzing Wave

The Iota most resembles a dog in some ways. Iota seems to have a more dark behavior than earth-like because of its crazy colorful Ra-Seru power.

When in battle, and only at level 2 and 3, Iota will use a move called Paralyzing Wave. It does just that - paralyzes the targets! When using the Iota through the Ra-Seru power, it uses a powerful attack called Odd Dimension. Well, then again, it's not that powerful. It's just one of those Seru that aren't too powerful at the time you've caught it, since your players can do much stronger damage themselves.

odd dimension

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