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Name Type Lv1 Locations Lv2 Locations Lv3 Locations Summon MP Seru HP by level Seru MP by level
Theeder thunder attribute Snowdrift Cave Ancient Wind/Water Cave; Biron Monastery ; Zeto's Dungeon Bio Castle 24 100, 255, 1325 50, 70, 200


The second Seru that you will encounter through the game is Theeder. This Seru is a really bizarre one as it looks as though it has some kind of energy pack on the back of it. The Seru also focuses on a lot of the electricity through its three needles.

At level one, the Theeder uses the special attack, Thunderbolt, which will only affect one of the players on the team. At higher levels, Theeder's Thunderbolt attack will hit all three of the characters, similar to Gimard's Tail Fire attack.

Turning Laser

When using Theeder as a power from the Ra-Seru, Theeder will send out a powerful attack (at lower levels anyway) called Turning Laser. It hits a range of enemies that lie within the lasers direction. So, for example, that Nighto in the picture will be hit since it's about to collide with the path of the Turning Laser!

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