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Knife Throwing

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Knife Throwing

Name Location(s)
Knife Throwing Darek's Haunt

Not too famous in Legaia 2 is the Mini-game of Knife Throwing. There are prizes like in any other Mini-game, but the game is not free and will cost the player 100 G. It's really not much considering the kind of money the player gets from random encounters at this point in the game. All you need to do is talk to Asteya on at least the second visit to Darek's Haunt and he'll introduce Lang to playing the game.

The goal is the same as in darts - hit as close to the center of the target as possible. If you get outside the center, but still on the board, you only get 20 points. If it's outside of the board, you get no points. However, if you hit it in the center, you get a full 100 points. For each bullseye starting at two in a row, you get 100 points times the number of bullseyes in a row minus 100 (so 2 in a row = +100 points, 3 in a row = +200, etc.). In addition, if you get more than two or more bullseyes in a row, you get an extra knife. Some of the prizes that you can get are listed below. It's said that you need at least 50000 points to get the Heaven's Secret and nickname, Knife Master. Giving it a shot, after obtaining 50,200 points, it's no lie - you do get a Heaven's Secret and the nickname Knife Master.

Prize List

  1. Bronze Barome (500-1,500 points)
  2. Revival Bottle (1,500-10,000 points
  3. Angel's Miracle (10,000+ points)
  4. Heaven's Secret (50,000 points)

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