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Rice Planting

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Rice Planting

Name Location(s)
Rice Planting Tanza

Rice Planting is one of the most well known Mini-games in Legaia 2 because of the fact that it's considered the most difficult when competing against PaiPai. Her Rice Planting speed skills are so intense, it seems impossible to win against her. Even on an emulator, she can be a true challenge to defeat.

The game of Rice Planting is actually more enjoyable on a console, and unless you're configuring your buttons on the emulator, is generally easier to defeat PaiPai than on the computer once you get the combination down real fast. The rewards from both Terao and PaiPai are nice as well. In addition to the prizes, the player can get whats called a "Bumper Crop". This is obtained when the player plants all of the plants non-stop without any mistakes.

The following table is a list of items you are rewarded from both Terao and PaiPai.

Prizes from Terao Prizes from PaiPai
Bronze Barome Ephemeral Hopes
Heal Bottle Heaven's Secret ( < 16s)
Heal Leaf Lady Chelsey
Heal Potion Magic Bottle
Magic Fertilizer (24-27.99s with bumper crop) Nickname, God of Rice ( < 17s)
Magic Bottle Restore Potion
Mega Fertilizer Traditional Ramen
Merchant's Soul Wretched Ponelot
Nickname, Rice Master ( < 25s)
Pink Carpet
Restore Blossom
Restore Potion
Sage's Handbook
Silver Barome
Spirit's Blessing
Tatami Mats

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