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Name Location(s)
Sidejump Nohl, Tanza

There are a total of three people who play Sidejump throughout Legaia 2. The first time you encounter it will be with Maxell, assuming you return to Nohl sometime after leaving to Gale Canyon (not quite sure how long before it's not possible to play against Maxell).

Maxell is the easiest of the three opponents in Sidejump and has a few different rewards. In fact, one of the rewards is a nickname, Sidejumper. For defeating him the first time, you'll receive a Boost Oil. After defeating him a second time, you'll receive a Heal Leaf. After beating the previous score for the Heal Leaf, you should get a Heal Potion.

According to the strategy guide, getting above 20 will give you a Boost Oil, above 25 a Heal Leaf, and above 30 a Heal Potion. However, that didn't seem to be the case when recording this page.

Later, the player can continue the Sidejump game in Tanza against Balzac. Don't be fooled; just because he has poor language skills does not mean he's poor at Sidejumping. The rewards for Sidejumping against Balzac are only a Rainbow Capsule and Dream Burger (even if you beat your second high score).

As a last challenger, Dein can be challenged after obtaining the Sidejump Hero nickname (and later in the game, not right away). Note, that this is probably the only thing Dein is really good at. He will get a score of 68 so if you can't beat that, then you'll need to practice. What makes this battle against him even harder is that once you're about to beat his score, he speeds up! So his score can be much more than 68 if you bypass him early on. However, if you defeat him, you get the nickname Sidejump King and a <Heaven's Secret>.

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