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Name Attribute
Avalon Void

The attribute of Avalon is like his Origin, void. And unlike other Mystics, Avalon is also known as a Star Shaper. Avalon and Lang both have the power to manipulate the three Sacred Stones of Legaia. Unfortunately, Avalon has grown a hate in humans and decides to use his powers against the humans to create a new world; one without humans.

Avalon is met several times in the game. He's first met in Nohl, where he uses his Origin to attempt and kill Lang for getting in the way. His Origin tells him that it's better to have killed him for he will get in the way later if he stays alive.

In the end, Avalon (Boss) is the final boss in the game. He fights the party in his normal form (as in the image on this page), but after being defeated, he turns into a much more fearful form known as the Infinite One.

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