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Name Origin Attribute Starting Level Number of Skills
Arrode Thunder 27 3

Lightning Arrow

After getting Arrode, the player can finally "strike" those unknown purple switches found in the Kabel Ruins. Arrode is a strong thunder origin which can definitely become useful when fighting Bosses or other strong enemies.

The first attack that the player has with Arrode is called Lightning Arrow. This is what's used to strike the switches in certain dungeons and also attacks all enemies on the map with a large bolt of light and thunder. Beware, though - using just two of these when first acquiring Sharon will deplete her useful MP.

Once Arrode has hit level 35, the skill called Thunder Serpent is learned. Like Lightning Arrow, this is another strong lightning attack against the enemies on the field. Actually, it really is a thunder attack considering it uses the vibrations of the ground to hurt the enemy (description: Shakes across the ground to strike the enemy).

The last skill (and another attack) is Thunderbolt Bow, which is learned at level 44.

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