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Jinga Characters

Last Updated: 2018-01-15 01:52:22 (k73sk)

Image Name Description
chief_west_wind Chief West Wind One of the first giants met in Jinga, Chief West Wind is the leader of the Giants.
timeless_brilliance Timeless Brilliance Timeless Brilliance is a giant who sits near the pedestal that leads to the Centurion Challenge.
summersunlight_springsapling Summer Sunlight and Spring Sapling Summer Sunlight (left) and Spring Sapling (right) are two traders inside the northeastern building. Spring Sapling also shares later in the game that she bears a child from Ayne.
tranquil_tide Tranquil Tide Tranquil Tide is the mother of Ayne.
eventide_stallion Eventide Stallion Eventide Stallion is likely the father of Ayne.
azure_doe Azure Doe Azure Doe is a woman who shares the same building as two traders (listed below)
razorlion_noblebison Razor Lion and Noble Bison Razor Lion (left) and Noble Bison (right) are two traders in the western most building.
guide_to_tomorrow Guide to Tomorrow Guide to Tomorrow is a giant that is found walking around Jinga.

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