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Mt. Gabel Shop

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Name Location Type Salesperson Name Number of Items Number of Hidden Items
General Merchandise Northwestern building of the poor side of Mt. Gabel. General Kenjiro 20 6

The only way to unlock Kenjiro on Mt. Gabel is to "take a break" from your Cave of Trials journey. Try exiting the cave and Kazan will let you go back to the house if you say yes. Kenjiro will then appear and offer his goods for sale.

Weapons and Armor

Name Cost Hidden?
Lizard Killer (See <Lang's Weapons>) 3800 No
Gorgeous Jacket (See <Lang's Body Armor>) 3800 No
Padded Gloves (See <Lang's Gloves>) 2200 No
Hard Leather Boots (See <Lang's Boots>) 2400 No
Silk Robe (See <Maya's Body Armor>) 3300 No
Wooden Shoes (See <Maya's Boots>) 2500 No
Hero's Bandana (See <Lang's Other Gear>) 500 No
Cloth Hat (See <Maya's Other Gear>) 600 No
Gold Sword (See <Lang's Weapons>) 10000 Yes
Hard Leather Vest (See <Lang's Body Armor>) 2600 Yes
Faceplate (See <Lang's Other Gear>) 2000 Yes
Leather Guantlets 1000 Yes

Accessories and Tools

Name Cost Hidden?
Heal Leaf 300 No
Bronze Barome 2000 No
Poison Cure 25 No
Venom Cure 50 No
Paralysis Cure 100 No
Blind Cure 120 No
Berserk Cure 200 No
Flag of Retreat 1000 No
Scroll of Identity 200 No
Cool Jewel 2000 No
Tiger Jewel 2100 No
Chance Jewel 2300 No
Attack Oil 1000 Yes
Guard Oil 1000 Yes

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