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The Supreme Weapon Shop

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Name Location Type Salesperson Name Number of Items Number of Hidden Items
Ozuma's Hideaway Sitting on the rightside of the room Weapons Ozuma 12 0

Ozuma sells the top quality weapons you'll find in Legaia, excluding the Ultimate Weapons made with the <Heaven's Secret> material. He also holds a few accessories you can't buy anywhere else.

Name Cost Hidden?
Thousand Saga (See <Lang's Weapons>) 112000 No
Doombringer (See <Lang's Weapons>) 135000 No
Tempest (See <Lang's Weapons>) 154200 No
Night Striker (See <Sharon's Weapons>) 200000 No
Soulbinder (See <Sharon's Weapons>) 220000 No
Black Viper (See <Sharon's Weapons>) 240000 No
Steel Hammer (See <Ayne's Weapons>) 82000 No
Giant Flash Axe (See <Ayne's Weapons>) 94000 No
Giant Lion Axe (See <Ayne's Weapons>) 110000 No
Knockout Badge 14200 No
Rest Badge 14000 No
Dead End Badge 13600 No

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