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The Supreme Weapon Shop

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Name Location Type Salesperson Name Number of Items Number of Hidden Items
Ozuma's Hideaway Sitting on the rightside of the room Weapons Ozuma 12 0

Ozuma sells the top quality weapons you'll find in Legaia, excluding the Ultimate Weapons made with the Heaven's Secret material. He also holds a few accessories you can't buy anywhere else.

Name Cost Hidden?
Thousand Saga (See Lang's Weapons) 112000 No
Doombringer (See Lang's Weapons) 135000 No
Tempest (See Lang's Weapons) 154200 No
Night Striker (See Sharon's Weapons) 200000 No
Soulbinder (See Sharon's Weapons) 220000 No
Black Viper (See Sharon's Weapons) 240000 No
Steel Hammer (See Ayne's Weapons) 82000 No
Giant Flash Axe (See Ayne's Weapons) 94000 No
Giant Lion Axe (See Ayne's Weapons) 110000 No
Knockout Badge 14200 No
Rest Badge 14000 No
Dead End Badge 13600 No

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