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Population Buildings Item Count (View child page for items list)
49 (not including inside Doplin Castle) 15 (including Cathedral and Prison) 37

Darakin (actually named Darakin Citadel, but we'll call it Darakin for short) is made up of two different parts. One is the Doplin Castle, which is where you start, and the other is the kingdom itself (buildings inside the citadel). It's a rather small citadel.

The player starts in Doplin Castle within a prison cell. Many cutscenes go by and the player is eventually introduced to Maya. Maya is a young lady at the age of 14, who has the life Origin, Rivas. At the time of meeting Maya, she's a complete mute and uses symbols with her hands to tell Lang her name. This is also the first time Lang is showing signs of believing that he might contain an Origin himself.

gimards and stuff

After Maya falls asleep, Lang starts to think of ways to get out of the cell. The player can go to the door and try to run into it. After three attempts, the player breaks the door open. Maya goes with Lang to leave Doplin Castle. Throughout the castle, you will face human enemies (guards of the castle). Make sure to read the child items page to get access to the player's items and learn how to get through the castle, getting all the items possible. Also, on the way through the castle, you'll find a laboratory with some tubes. Inside the tubes, you'll see some "creatures." If you look carefully, you can recognize the middle tube containing a Gimard. The other one to the north (bottom tube is empty, I think) is hard to determine. Perhaps it's a Theeder or Vera? Inside this lab, you'll find three different flasks. The blue one decreases your HP and restores MP. Yellow is poison, which makes your health go down significantly. If you used both of those potions, don't worry! The green one restores all HP and MP!

When about to escape the castle, the player confronts a new boss named The Mighty Balken. After the battle, the player is able to leave the castle by jumping across the bridge as it's being raised in the air. The player sneaks on top of the roofs of the housings in Darakin. One of the houses has an open window and both Lang and Maya jump inside the window, which lands them in a hotel. The lady of the inn, Sabrina, is kind enough to tell the guards there's no one there (and saves the two young Mystics from who knows what).

After a night at the inn, Maya convinces Lang to visit Mt. Gabel which is located nearby. So after you get ready, refresh all your items, etc. head off to Mt. Gabel to find out what Maya has in store for Lang!


Eventually, the player has to return to Darakin Citadel through the Sewers in town. This is because the player assumes that Gold Eyes is located within the castle somewhere and it'll be the only way to retrieve the Aqualith. The access to the Sewers is within the Three Star Hotel, on the first floor in the bathroom. The player will make their way through the Sewers and the Kabel Ruins before finally entering the Darakin Citadel at the end. Upon entering the castle again, you'll find yourself on the bottom floor - where the lab and potions are located. Simply head upstairs.

Continue on through the castle until you finally get into the main hall of the castle where you fought Balken. Before continuing, you can drop the drawbridge and go back to town to resupply (don't worry, the soldiers will think the castle's open for business now). When you're ready, head back in and go upstairs through the center gate.

Don't skip the doors from here! There are some extra sets of doors. You can find one recipe, "Princess Cake" in the doors to the left and a few items that you can find in the items section. After you've grabbed everything, you can head to the northern doors to head outside and meet the new boss awaiting you.

Once you've defeated the boss, it's a good idea to heal up and ready for the next battle (and of course save the game). Head through the double doors into "Chapel of St. Joprian" and watch the cutscene. So now Lang is given the Aqualith after such a long time, but in return must fight Zoan Stoara - another boss! This is where Maya shows her true colors and starts blasting her powers away and can finally be useful in battle for something other than healing. Once Zoan Stoara has been defeated, you'll be presented with a neat cutscene and then back in control outside of the chapel.

Although quite repetitive, the player must enter the castle a third time - meaning that this is the second break-in. After going through the complicated, boring, and annoying Kabel Ruins, the player will enter through the same ladder as before. Head to the room to the right of where you enter to pick up a Soiled Letter - you'll need it for later (read the items page). After that, head up the stairs onto the second floor. Remember those chests you couldn't get to because the one door was locked? Well now you can (assuming you got the Prison Key in the Kabel Ruins)! Open the door and grab the items out of the chests, and then continue towards the main building. Drop the bridge, replenish yourself to the max, and prepare for the next boss battle. Go through the doors on the bottom floor in the main castle, where you'll hear some music... Enter the doors and win the fight! You'll be rewarded the Kravian Pass and you can then head out towards Kravia to begin the real fun of Legaia 2. But first, give the Soiled Letter you found to Rosemary (one of the poor people behind the Lynx Inn).

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