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Demiurge Tower

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Demiurge Tower

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Source Forge Entrance

The final story-related location in Legaia 2 is Demiurge Tower. Here, the final battle happens between the Mystics. The location of Demiurge Tower is revealed right after obtaining the Aerolith. A large light is shot from the mountain and into the sky. At this point, the party can travel to the location on the Dragon and travel into Demiurge Tower for the final battles.

Once you've entered the mountain, you'll immediately run into Velna and her origin, Vestra. The battle is quite different and can be difficult if you're not prepared for it. But once it's complete, you can then go through Demiurge Tower in search for the three gems to unlock the entrance to the Source Forge.

Each of the gems can be found in the items page above. However, note that they are each guarded by different bosses. These bosses, which are just giant crystals, each specialize in a certain element. Defeating them will give the party the gem they require.

After you have obtained all three of the gems, you can finally unlock the main door to the Source Forge. Here, the final battle begins.

After you have defeated Avalon (Boss) in all three battles, he'll bring himself back to his normal mystic body. He'll show his confusion on how the party could have possibly defeated his "ultimate" strength. With only a few more attacks, Avalon finally falls. From here, the party gathers onto all the hope that they have into "fixing" the Source Forge. The black sun vanishes and the world finally stops from being destroyed. However, it does not return back to normal from here. The world itself still needs work, and will be created and "fixed" as time goes on in the world of Legaia.

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