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Gordinar Island

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Gordinar Island

Population Buildings Item Count (View child page for items list)
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Gordinar Island is actually an island with a cave where you can find the secret treasures of Alphis, Sharon's father. The only way to get to Gordinar Island is via Sharon's Bird. But first, you must have obtained the Star Bandana from the crew on the Blood Hawk, which doesn't happen until later in the game. After you get the bandana, you just need to talk to the bird in Sharon's room, which will then sing a song hinting towards the existence of this island. That's when Sharon kicks in and unlocks the location of the cave.

There's no monster encounters or anything to worry about on Gordinar Island. It's simply a location full of different items for treasures. Explore the island and you'll get various types of items (which are located in the items page).

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