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Forest Maze

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Forest Maze

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Forest Maze can actually be visited before obtaining the Mizel Red Sand. By talking to the adventurer in Darakin - right near the entrance - you can get the location on the map and run through it. However, the enemies are very strong compared to your level and you will find yourself getting lost continuously through it because it loops in circles!

After you've obtained the Mizel Red Sand, the party will use it and you can then safely go through the Forest Maze without any crazy looping happening. Forest Maze is also the location in which you will finally get to learn some Variable Arts. These are Arts that are "shared" among party members when in battle. Right after learning your first one, make your AP 100 again and head over to the Arts page to learn some more!

Forest Maze Tree

Now, if you head north and take the third fork to the right, and then take the first right at the next fork, you'll also find an interesting tree. If you have Ayne in the party already, use Maya to make the apple red and then Ayne to knock it from the tree. If not and this is your first visit to the Forest Maze, use Kazan's Origin and aim for the Gold Beetle in the tree. Fill up on AP from a normal monster battle first, and then attack the Gold Beetle. After the battle, you'll be rewarded with a ton of gold!

Once you've followed through the forest, you'll eventually reach the end to where it leads straight into Yuno - Maya's home sweet home. As odd as it seems, it does turn into snow suddenly.

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