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Jinga Statue

Upon walking to the main hall of Jinga, the first thing that's shown is a dragon flying overhead, landing on the top of the building. This lures the player to the main hall, where they meet Ayne and Chief West Wind. Reym had told Chief West Wind of the arrival, so he invites them into the main hall. Inside, he explains to the party of the past people called the Kabel. Apparently the Kabel tried to rule the entire world, using magic. However, they had later fallen and the land of the Giants decided to create a new law. That law was to keep all outsiders away from their lands.

After listening to the stories of Chief West Wind, he tells Ayne to join the party in order to help in their travels. Some people enjoy Ayne in the party, others don't. So it's worth giving him a try and seeing if he fits well into the party.

After Ayne has joined the party, the only other neat thing about Jinga is the Centurion Challenge. This can also be found in the main hall of Jinga. However, note that it takes an extremely long time to do. Not to mention, you cannot leave it to heal, purchase items, etc. otherwise it restarts from number one. So prepare very well for it and make sure you have several free hours at least to finish it.

Jinga Statue

Once the player has retrieved the Pyrolith in Drokonia, the party will need to speak to Chief West Wind again. He'll tell you to speak with the other Giants for more information. This leads the player to reading the statues around Jinga instead. Reading the statues actually awards the party some items. However, the main thing you need to do is actually head back to <Darek's Haunt> and speak to Kenjiro. He'll tell you about the isle of Phorchoon and how there is a contest for a dragon. The dragon is what the party needs to reach the Wind Tower.

The items on these statues are hinted in the stone tables you find around Jinga. In the screenshot to the top right, you can see the three tablets on the left side of the main temple where Chief West Wind is located. Reading the hint on them reads, "The Great Spirits walked with the morning sun at their back. The sunlight shone brightly, bringing life to the world." The hint is to use the direction of the sun (rises in the east, sets in the west). Looking at the image, you can see that following from the east to the west, you get the red stones of 6, 4, and then 8. Along the stairs, there are a total of 8 statues. Inspect the statues in this order to get an item.

Reading the statues on the right side of the temple (image on the left), you get the hint, "The Great Spirits began walking towards the sunrise. The fresh morning sun was warm." This time, it's going from west to east. And these statues are located near the front of Jinga.

Jinga Statue

The last set of hints is in the image to the right. It's sort of hard to understand the location of some of the red stones, so I'll try explain it the best I can. To start off, the hint says, "The Great Spirits walked towards the sun. The bright sun sat high in the sky, yet its rays were gentle." What you want to do is go in the order from north to south. The order of the stones in the image follows the order of the statues to read. The first statue is located just south of these stones. You'll find it on the right side, at the bottom of the stairs. The second stone is located up the stairs next to the stones (north!). So in other words, on the left side of the shop there. Read the second from the bottom statue. The third stone is located in the same area as the first set of statues we went to, so read the top-right one. The fourth stone is in the same as the second set of statues, so read the top left one. Finally, the last one is actually right next to the western-most shop. It's on the right side of the stairs, right before you go up them. Following this pattern twice will actually award you with two items instead of one.

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