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The heroes go through the Sewers at two separate times in Legaia 2. The first time, they tend to get into the castle again by finding a route in the Sewers. Fortunately, the Sewers are easily accessible from the hotel in Darakin.

There are a lot of items in the Sewers - some in which are inaccessible until after the player gets Ayne and Sharon. The first time going through the Sewers, it may be frustrating and intimidating because of it being a complex maze. When entering it the second time...It's much worse! Just like the Kabel Ruins, the puzzles and monsters all increase in difficulty.

Since the Sewers are really hardcore with their maze-like structure, this site attempts to provide everyone with an easy layout and path through the Sewers while trying to make sure all items are found. The image of the Sewers is actually the entire map for the Sewers. As you can see, it's no walk in the park to get through them.

The entire map has numbers and all the like on the strategy guide, but if that were to be put that on here, there'd be no room to type any details for the Sewers.

First Visit

You're going to find yourself dropped down from a ladder from the hotel. "Hotel" is labeled on the map to know where you're starting. Continue south and you'll find a floating box for bridge support. Hop across and continue east until you're in the next room. Go north, once in the next room, and go down the stairs. Follow the empty Sewers south until you find another set of stairs. Go up them, go west, grab the chest, and then move south into the doorway to get the Red Gate Key. Break the wall to the right side of the room for a surprise.

After grabbing the key and surprise chests, head back outside the room and to the previous location (where the hotel ladder would be). After you enter the previous room, you need to move south right away, cross the brige, and make your way south to the red gate door (plowing the boxes with Galea on the way). After you activate the switch, the sewer levels will lower. Head back out and act like you're going back north towards the hotel (but don't go down the stairs). You'll want to head down the left set of steps rather than the right ones. Once down the steps, go up the other stairs north of you and grab the chest. Continue west until you finally run into another chest. From there, keep moving south until you find two sets of chests (skipping the stairs on the way and plowing through the boxes).

Head back north after grabbing the two chests, but take the first left rather than continuing up towards the chest. Continue following the path until you find a bridge, which you'll need to cross. Grab the chest that's in plain sight, first follow the path to the right (north of the bridge). You won't want to miss the chest at the end of the path. After that, go back and head west instead (to the door next to the previous chest).

Now, remember where I asked you to take the "first left," right below the chest in the previous room? Go back to that part of the intersection and head south, this time going down the set of stairs. Go up the adjacent stairs for the chest, which you can't miss. Once you have that, go south, skipping the set of stairs, and enter the room. Break the box with Galea and grab the Blue Gate Key. Break the north wall for another surprise!

After grabbing the Blue Gate Key, once again backtrack all the way to the beginning entrance of the Sewers. If you haven't been following the map, you're at the black door between the two northeast doors. The pathway it's connected to look like a C.

Once you're back where the beginning entrance is, make sure you're in the empty canal. Follow it east until you have no choice but to go up the stairs next to the dead end. Continue south, following the only path you can go until you reach a split (west and south). Take south for a box you can break that contains a Revival Elixir. Continue west until you run into a chest on the way, which contains a Camping Kit. Continue the path and enter the door across the first bridge you find for a Bronze Barome hidden within some boxes.

Continue the path you've been following until you find the Blue Gate door and a camp. By now, the cooking effect has probably worn off. If it hasn't for you yet, it will really soon. Cook some of the Curry (or Beef Sandwich if you got the right ingredients), save, and continue.

After you're ready to go, you'll notice the canal north of the blue gate is now empty. Go down the stairs and up the stairs west of those. You'll find a chest to the north. After that chest, continue south instead and then west at the fork. You'll find a chest behind the wall. After grabbing that chest, go south and then east, unlock the door, and then go (once again) back down to the open canal. Go north, up the stairs, and enter the door. Pull the lever to lower the platform you saw right next to the stairs outside. This'll gain access to the west side of the canal.

Before heading east, assuming you want some goodies, head west through the canal. Break the box with Galea and then head back and go east through the canal. At the next fork, go east for a quick chest containing Courageous Heart. Now head west until you find some stairs next to a dead end. Go up them and grab the chest to your right. Now keep following the path south until you find the chest with the <Handmaiden's Ring>.

Now, continue north until you find the locked door. Unlock it and go down the stairs into the canal. Go south at the fork for a chest, and then continue north. When you find a set of stairs, go up them, enter the room, and change into Maya to light the pedestal with her origin. The yellow key will be seen in the northeast corner.

Now, go back to the fork, and instead of going on the south set of stairs, go on the north ones and continue west. Eventually, you'll find a wall platform leading you to two chests. Grab them and return to the location where the entrance to the hotel would be.

Go down into the canal and follow the path until you find the stairs to the red gate. Go up them, cross the bridge south of the red gate, and go north to find a chest. Now, go back down the bridge and continue west until you eventually find the Blue Gate.

Step down into the canal and onto the left set of the stairs, Continue south until you find the path going east towards the locked (which you unlocked earlier) door...There's also a path that goes west. Take that path until you find the yellow gate. Enter the room and flip the switch. Afterwards, step back out and cross the boxes floating in the sewage.

Go south to get a chest and then head north to the door and you'll find a chest inside. There's a wall that has a crack in it next to the door (outside the room). Break it with Galea. Now, before going into the Kabel Ruins, go up the ladder to the far west. You'll be in the junk yard in Darakin, which provides a shortcut for the next time you want to enter the Sewers.

If you want two more items, enter the Sewers through the hotel one more time. Otherwise go back down the ladder and head to the Kabel Ruins. For the two items, after you enter the Sewers again, and go open the red gate (go up the south stairs and follow the path east then north). After flooding the Sewers again, go back north as if you're leaving the Sewers, head west until you cross a wall and get access to two chests. Now you're ready to close the gate again and head back to town and into the Kabel Ruins.

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