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Yuno is an icy town located to the northeast of the main Legaia island. To gain access to the town, one must be willing to go through the Forest Maze. Unfortunately, you can't go through the forest unless you have Red Mizel Sand. Without it, you'll become lost and go in circles continuously.

maya in front of the tombstone

The primary purpose for the party to head to Yuno for the first time (together) is to visit the spirit, Reym. Upon arriving, the party agrees to hang around the town and relax for a night before continuing to see Reym. Maya decides to take a visit to her parents in the graveyard due northeast of the town. It's not 100% clear as to what she meant "If I hadn't heard your voice..." but it's possible she may be referring to the moment in battle when she was learning Big Bang.

Heading into the home to the southeast where Simba and Hilda live, you'll find Kazan drunk while dancing and singing some song about a mountain man. If you didn't get Maya from the graveyard yet, you'll just find him drinking casually with the two.

After heading back to Maya's house, the party rests and then heads to the cave in the northwest to speak to Reym. Right before resting, the opportunity to re-arrange the room is available to the player. At this point, the only piece of furniture the player has is the Donjak. Read the Furniture section for more information. In the meantime, head to the cave to visit Reym.

Reym will show his memory of the creation of the world, the Source Forge. He'll also show the images of the Sacred Burning Stone (Pyrolith), Sacred Azure Stone (Aqualith), and the Sacred Teal Stone (Aerolith). After the memory is over, Reym tells Lang that he is known as a "Star Shaper." This means that Lang has the "power to manipulate the Source Forge." After Reym has explained everything, he leaves one last memory for the party. The memory is the location of all three of the sacred stones. Immediately after finding their locations, the party agrees to go back to Nohl in order to recover the Aqualith.

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