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Gather Crab

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Gather Crab

Name Found Attribute Difficulty HP/MP Level Gold Experience
Gather Crab <Hunter's Wood> N/A Not too bad 1074/80 5 500 500


The Gather Crab is the first boss in Legaia 2. Like in Legend of Legaia, the first boss encountered is also a common monster later found in the game (under a different name, of course).

This boss uses two different special attacks. One is called Venom and the other is called Barse. The former will poison Lang and cause him to lose health every turn. The latter lets the Gather Crab summon a Klaw Ant to help in the battle. It's best not to cure the venom throughout the battle. Some people like to ignore the Klaw Ant and focus only on the boss - it's your call on what's easier. I've found it easier in some circumstances to kill them while in other instances to ignore them.

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