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Name Found Attribute Difficulty HP/MP Level Gold Experience
Elfin Gale Canyon Light Extreme 2236/75 9 1940 2074

Maiden Passion

Elfin is more of a surprise boss if anything in Legaia 2. Luckily, there is a save point right before you encounter Elfin, but you best be prepared. One tip is to level up to something like level 9 before fighting Elfin, this way you have access to some new arts. Otherwise, you will more than likely have some trouble.

Usually, the very first turn against Elfin shows the beast using a special move called "Maiden Passion." This increases Elfin's strength by twice as much as before (meaning that she's REALLY powerful now!). Beware, as each turn can take up to 250+ damage. Luckily, this special attack only works for one turn.

A second special move that Elfin uses quite often is called Challenge. This move drains Lang's AP entirely and makes it more difficult to fight against Elfin. Of course, you should have some new 4-block arts if you hit level 9 so be sure to use them against Elfin.

Dynamite Hip

The third special move that Elfin has, in which I'm sure any Legaia fan hates, is Death Hug. This move literally crushes Lang and if you don't have full HP, expect a possible death. This is also the move that makes Elfin one of the hardest bosses to face in Legaia 2. What makes it most difficult is when Elfin uses Maiden Passion right before it. Even with full HP, you might as well throw the controller down.

Finally, Elfin's last special attack is called Dynamite Hip. If Death Hug isn't disturbing enough for you, this one has to be. Elfin hits Lang with...well, her "hips" and does a large amount of damage.

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