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Mighty Balken

Name Found Attribute Difficulty HP/MP Level Gold Experience
(Mighty) Balken Darakin Light Moderately Hard 1775/198 13 2500 2500

Rage Wave

The Mighty Balken is one of three brothers of the Mesai clan. There are three sets of knights and Balken is leader of the Blue Knights. What is neat about this battle is that the player can choose to fight Balken one on one, or have Maya join the fight to help heal Lang. It is your choice: Do you want a challenge for Lang? Or do you want to have less of a challenge in addition to helping Maya level up?

During the battle, Balken will use strong single-strike hits against Lang. Luckily, they're not so powerful as to defeat Lang in one hit. His most powerful move, Rage Wave, hits both characters (if applicable) with an attack equivalent to the strength of his normal strikes.

Even though the (long) cutscenes make it as though the characters are timed to get across the drawbridge, you really aren't timed. You can run the battle on forever, have the drawbridge close, and still defeat him along with making an escape. So take your time and win the battle as necessary.

The only thing about the battles against the three brothers is it takes REALLY long. Nearly every single turn the brothers have something to say. Balken will stop talking after the bridge closes and you can continue the battle as you please, but it's still really annoying having to wait forever just to continue your turn - especially if you lose the battle and have to try it again.

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