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Mountain Morg

Last Updated: 2018-01-15 01:52:08 (k73sk)

Mountain Morg

Name Found Attribute Difficulty HP/MP Level Gold Experience
Mountain Morg Mt. Gabel Plant Impossible, then extremely easy. 896/160 18 3000 5000

Eat eat eat!

When this battle is first initiated, it's impossible to defeat the creature. All normal attacks are completely ignored, and don't bother attempting to defeat it with scrolls either. The creature will only die from the power of an Origin, which means the only way out of this is to wake up Lang's origin.

Just battle the monster until it knocks you out... Any attack that knocks you out should make the cutscene start. This will unleash a massive strike against Lang, which would normally kill him. Suddenly, he'll hear some voices and the power of his Origin, Galea, will awaken. Use the attack of Galea, called Flaming Fist, against the Mountain Morg to defeat it. The creature will topple over after defeat and Lang will now have the power of the Origin.

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