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Name Type Lv1 Locations Lv2 Locations Lv3 Locations Summon MP Seru HP by level Seru MP by level
Barra wind attribute Floating Castle; Rogue's Tower Jette's Absolute Fortress; Seru-kai Bio Castle 85 2044, 2442, 2725 100, 200, 350


Barra is a wind-type Seru and is not too hard to batle. The special attack from Barra is called Windcutter. It's just like the attack done by the "Pump" family. Higher leveled Barra's use the attack called Multicutter, which attacks everyone in the party rather than just one target.

When using Barra through the Ra-Seru, it uses a move called Hell's Dive. It takes the monster and slams it into the earth.

Hell's Dive

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