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Main Characters

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The primary character is named Lang. He is also the second youngest among the five heroes in Legaia 2. For as far as he can remember, he was raised in Nohl under the watch of Galvan and his step-sister, Nancy. The game starts with him just joining the Vigilence Corps, a group that hunts in <Hunter's Wood> and protects the town from unwanted Monsters. Lang is also the second shortest of the five main characters, at 5'7" and 147 lbs. His weapon of choice throughout the game is a sword.

Lang contains the Origin, Galea, which is considered to be the most powerful Origin in existence. At first, Lang doesn't even realize has an Origin within himself. It isn't until he is trained later, by Kazan, that he finds and awakens Galea.

Another last, and unique, note of Lang is that he is called a "Star Shaper." Apparently a Star Shaper is a person who is born from the world Legaia itself. The Star Shapers are the only creatures capable of altering the "Source Forge."


Maya is the second character gained in Legaia 2. At the time of meeting her, she is a mute and does not hold any special abilities except her Origin, Rivas. She is age 14, being the youngest of all the controllable characters, and uses magic as her weapon (not at first). Maya's bloodline goes far back to the ancient Kabel. The Kabel are a race that hold extreme powers and can defeat their foes by a simple hand signal along with a word to the element they want to use.

When Maya was young, her powers went out of control and ended up killing both of her parents. Since then, she has lost her voice and refused to go back to learning the powers of the Kabel. Fortunately, she recovers her voice after the battle of Slogar. She also learns to control her powers later, when fighting against Zoan Stoara.


Kazan is an aged man, at 60 years, but can sure pack a punch. Kazan is extremely strong when first joining the party. His strength matches with the others (Lang and Maya) not too far later into the game.

Kazan always talks about how he used to be a master swordsman, but dropped the skill. His favorite past student, Rauss, is an enigma for a while throughout the game - only leaving hints to why Kazan fights with fists only.

Lang is always learning things from Kazan and actually calls him Master throughout the game. Kazan helped Lang learn some arts, awaken his origin, and learn many other useful things such as cooking. If not for Kazan, many things would be left a mystery for Lang and the player.


Just like when first meeting Kazan, you'll find that the new party member is the strongest of the bunch. Sharon starts in the party at level 37 with a total of 10 art blocks - allowing the player to put a lot of combos together. Her first impression by the party is made by her yelling at Joe in the Lynx Inn in Darakin.

Later in the game, the player finds out that Sharon is actually a pirate. It's probably to no surprise considering she's dressed as one, making it a dead give away. The great part about it is that she has a pirate ship, which allows the player to travel to new locations around the world of Legaia.

Although it's a matter of opinion, you might consider allowing her into the party right away when she's joined (replacing Maya or Kazan).


Ayne, also known as Silent Eagle, is a giant that the party meets in Jinga, the land of giants. Both of Ayne's parents and wife live in Jinga, where the player can interact with them. Some people like to replace Maya or Sharon with Ayne, having the party consist of Lang, Kazan, and Ayne. However, it's another thing that's mostly based on taste. Ayne has a mark on his chest like a Mystic would, but he's not actually a Mystic. Throughout the game, he uses spiritual attacks and such to show his use to the party. It's nice to finally have someone pushing blocks over and picking up chests out of holes, isn't it?

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