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Legaia 2 is filled with many different Mini-games. Both of the famous Arena and Slot Machines were kept in the new game! Below is a list of mini-games.

  1. Arena
  2. Auction
  3. Knife Throwing
  4. Rice Planting
  5. Roulette
  6. Sidejump
  7. Slot Machines

Additionally, Phorchoon has a prize counter for the coins you win during Roulette or the Slot Machines. The list of prizes and their cost is listed in the table below. See the header for the locations.

Casino Area Prize Item Cost (in coins) Arena Area Prize Item Cost (in coins)
<Wool Bedspread> 80 Holy Badge 140
<Diamond Temple> 50 Gremlin Badge 140
<Priscilla Poster> 60 Gladiator Ribbon 150
Pink Carpet 200 Magician's Ribbon 150
Tekecha Plant 50 Red Loincloth (See Kazan's Other Gear) 320
<Obsidian Table> 315 Leather Panties (See Sharon's Other Gear) 480
<Big Bear> 56 Iron Fists (See Ayne's Other Gear) 602
Hitde Poison 50 Steel Helmet No. 10 (See Lang's Other Gear) 300
Dekna Poison 50 Sixteenth Night (See Lang's Weapons) 1200
Golden Barome 80 Magical Panties (See Maya's Other Gear) 240
Way of Thunder 6000 Last Element (See Lang's Body Armor) 800
Book of Rose 6000 Guardian's Arm (See Lang's Gloves) 820
Ultimate Blessing 220 Glaring Leggings (See Lang's Boots) 660
Angel's Miracle 80 Saint's Garb (See Maya's Body Armor) 680
Bewitch Draught 15 Boots of Wisdom (See Maya's Boots) 230
Petrify Draught 25 <Leon King Doublet> 600
Kamikaze Ribbon 160 Gaia Soles (See Kazan's Boots) 300
Master's Ribbon 165 Night Striker (See Sharon's Weapons) 1400
<The Royal Gourmet> 6000 <Dynamite Bikini> 560
Aura Arms (See Sharon's Gloves) 525
Wing Heels (See Sharon's Boots) 500
Giant Flash Axe (See Ayne's Weapons) 640
Silver Fauld (See Ayne's Body Armor) 630
Guardian Armbands (See Ayne's Arm Armor) 600

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