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Doplin Soldier

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Doplin Soldier

Name Found Upgraded Form Downgraded Form
Doplin Soldier Darakin Doplin Officer None

HP/MP Level Gold Experience
306/38 10 240 296

Doplin Soldiers are the regular guards of Doplin Castle. They're found nearly everywhere in Darakin, and their knowledge on the whole subject with the world changing from the Mystics is really limited. After your first encounter with them, you'll start to run into them constantly inside Doplin Castle. They drop various items and are not too bad on experience, considering they're not that strong. If you haven't taken the potion to reheal the characters (from the desk in Doplin Castle), I'd kill a few sets of these guys until you need to heal. Use Rivas to heal your party constantly, and then when she's low on MP, use the potion that lowers health but restores MP (blue one). When you're low on MP again, use the complete heal one and then finish your journey through the castle.

Of all the soldiers in Doplin Castle, the Doplin Soldier is also the weakest of them. You don't encounter the "higher ranks" with your first visit to the castle, but you will later!

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