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Name Found Upgraded Form Downgraded Form
Lyps Hunter's Wood Lyps King None

HP/MP Level Gold Experience
1437/32 14 5000 9000

escape master

Lyps is originally named Lippian in Legend of Legaia. Or at least, there's a creature that looks almost the exact same named Lippian. Likely, the creators decided to rename the creature to something new, or Lyps is just a sub-species to the Lippian (or the other way around?).

The most famous move that Lyps is known for in Legaia 2 is "Escape Master". Likely, the first encounter with a Lyps will be to have it run away from you. If the player does get the chance to defeat the wild creature, they must be a level high enough to have more agility than Lyps (133 according to the strategy guide). Not to mention, they must be able to take it out in one blow with all that HP.

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