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Name Found Upgraded Form Downgraded Form
Saberwulf Hunter's Wood Mad Hound Bloody Wolf

HP/MP Level Gold Experience
1718/40 27 1266 3255

terror howl

Bloody Wolf and Saberwulf look almost exactly alike. Oddly enough, there's no real change between this and the Bloody Wolf except that it's slightly darker gray. At least, the main coat is. But don't fall for the appearance of it being related to the Bloody Wolf! It's a lot more powerful, and will easily drop a party member down when in packs of three. Also, they have a strong resistance to Wind attacks, so don't attempt in using any wind powers if possible.

The Saberwulf will also use a move called Terror Howl, which will put "Fear" in one of the party members. You can see the obvious similarities to the Wolf in Legend of Legaia to the Saberwulf, even with the name being "Terror Scream" in Legend of Legaia!

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