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Name Origin Attribute Starting Level Number of Skills
Deva Earth 20 4

Earth Energy

Deva is an Origin that is seen before Galea, making it the second "good" Origin encountered. Deva doesn't speak during the first encounter, making it seem more of a mute Origin at first. Later in the game, though, Deva speaks like the other Origins. But throughout the game, it's really Rivas that has the most narrative role of the Origins.

The attack that Deva starts out with is Earth Energy. It takes a lot of MP to use, but is a really powerful attack to use against the enemies on the field. It shakes up the ground and basically positions all enemies into a simulated earthquake.

After you've managed to get Deva to level 27, he learns the move called Earth Protector. Rather than being an offensive attack, Earth Protector is defensive and will raise the defense of the party during battle.

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