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Name Origin Attribute Starting Level Number of Skills
Rivas Life 5 5

Rivas is actually not the first Origin encountered, but is the first one to hold a conversation with Lang. She tries to tell Lang that he is a Mystic and does contain an Origin within himself. He denies this for a while, yet wonders if he really does hold the power of an Origin within him.

Life Blessing

Rivas has the power bring life to surrounding objects. In this case, vines and pedestals are the best things that can be revived and used to solve certain puzzles in the game.

The first skill introduced from Rivas is called Life Blessing. It heals everyone in the party a certain amount, depending on the level of Rivas. It's a great way to heal the party without having to worry about using healing items.

The second skill, which comes around the level 12, is Life Heal. It heals a person's HP and also clears any abnormal statuses that may be there for only 22MP.

After getting to level 22, Rivas learns Solar Guidance. Not only does this one restore HP from the selected party member, but also revives them. This is definitely a useful move to use when battling against Bosses.

At level 33, Rivas learns the skill called Gospel. Unlike the previous healing spells, Gospel actually is considered an enhancement and increases STR and DEF of the party for a little while.

The final skill, Glorious Mercy, is obtained at level 44. This will give full HP to the entire party (but no, it does not revive the downed party members). A great healing power, although costing 68 MP.

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