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The Ultimate Armor Shop

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Name Location Type Salesperson Name Number of Items Number of Hidden Items
Gadoh's Hideaway Sitting on the rightside of the room Armor Gadoh 17 0

Gadoh sells the top quality armors you'll find in Legaia, excluding the ultimate armors made with the <Heaven's Secret> material.

Name Cost Hidden?
Ultimate Plate (See <Lang's Body Armor>) 150000 No
Guardian's Arm (See <Lang's Gloves>) 114000 No
Ruler's Leggings (See <Lang's Boots>) 126000 No
Heavenly Robe (See <Maya's Body Armor>) 156000 No
Treasure Shoes (See <Maya's Boots>) 120000 No
Fighting Spirit (See <Kazan's Body Armor>) 140000 No
Raging Fire (See <Kazan's Boots>) 100600 No
Wonder Bikini (See <Sharon's Chest Armor>) 118000 No
Bizzare Gloves (See <Sharon's Gloves>) 84000 No
Burning Chips (See <Sharon's Boots>) 92400 No
Underworld Fauld (See <Ayne's Body Armor>) 112000 No
Roaring Flash (See <Ayne's Arm Armor>) 112000 No
Commander's Helmet (See <Lang's Other Gear>) 120000 No
Maid's Apron (See <Maya's Other Gear>) 100000 No
Battle Sash No. 100 (See <Kazan's Other Gear>) 78000 No
Master's Garter (See <Sharon's Other Gear>) 92000 No
Gold Mail (See <Ayne's Other Gear>) 98000 No

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