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The Ultimate Armor Shop

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Name Location Type Salesperson Name Number of Items Number of Hidden Items
Gadoh's Hideaway Sitting on the rightside of the room Armor Gadoh 17 0

Gadoh sells the top quality armors you'll find in Legaia, excluding the ultimate armors made with the Heaven's Secret material.

Name Cost Hidden?
Ultimate Plate (See Lang's Body Armor) 150000 No
Guardian's Arm (See Lang's Gloves) 114000 No
Ruler's Leggings (See Lang's Boots) 126000 No
Heavenly Robe (See Maya's Body Armor) 156000 No
Treasure Shoes (See Maya's Boots) 120000 No
Fighting Spirit (See Kazan's Body Armor) 140000 No
Raging Fire (See Kazan's Boots) 100600 No
Wonder Bikini (See Sharon's Chest Armor) 118000 No
Bizzare Gloves (See Sharon's Gloves) 84000 No
Burning Chips (See Sharon's Boots) 92400 No
Underworld Fauld (See Ayne's Body Armor) 112000 No
Roaring Flash (See Ayne's Arm Armor) 112000 No
Commander's Helmet (See Lang's Other Gear) 120000 No
Maid's Apron (See Maya's Other Gear) 100000 No
Battle Sash No. 100 (See Kazan's Other Gear) 78000 No
Master's Garter (See Sharon's Other Gear) 92000 No
Gold Mail (See Ayne's Other Gear) 98000 No

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