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Puzzle 1

The first time you enter Drokonia, the party will find a circle with some unknown writing system. Kenjiro shows that he followed the party on a boat and explains that the writing can be read by a few; in particular, those in the land of the giants, Jinga. So afterwards, it's decided to go find Jinga and get someone to help with reading or understanding the unknown circle.

After returning from Jinga, the party will have Ayne. Oddly, without him even having to read the circle, they are able to simply walk up to it and teleport to the next section in the volcano. From here, the game begins for the search of the Pyrolith. The creatures are difficult, but the number of areas, bosses, and puzzles in Drokonia is large as well; so prepare well before starting your journey here.

Puzzle 2

There are several puzzles to solve that contain large crystal blocks. Rather than trying to explain how to move them, provided are screenshots with arrow instructions on how to move the blocks and in what order. It should be rather straightforward after looking at the images. Puzzle 3 can be quite confusing if you just look at it. Instead, follow the numbers as you're trying to solve it and it'll easily make sense. If for some reason they don't make sense, or something is incorrect, let us know on the forums or comment below!

While going through Drokonia, you'll eventually come up to two campsites. At the second one, be sure to take a rest, cook a meal for the party, and heal up. Afterwards, you'll be battling the siblings, Marienne and Elliott (Part 2); but this time to the death. This will not be an easy battle, like the first battle. After defeating them, continue into the portal.

Puzzle 3

Once you've gone through Drokonia, finishing all the puzzles, you'll run into another boss battle... But before that, a third campsite. Be sure to (once again) rest and cook for the party. This next boss battle isn't going to be as easy. The party will start off by fighting a large demon, along with battling two of the demon's body parts once it's been destroyed. Finally, when defeating the final boss(es), the player will be rewarded the Pyrolith and can finally leave the volcano.

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