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Gale Canyon

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Gale Canyon

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Gale Canyon is a location that can be seen as a trail from Nohl to the outside world. After all, Nohl and <Hunter's Wood> are both surrounded by mountains and water! Gale Canyon has an extremely strong wind coming from it, which makes it nearly impossible for travelers to gain access into the canyon. Fortunately, Lang has been given the Wind Talisman, which slows the winds of Gale Canyon enough for travelers to go through it.

Another part of Gale Canyon is that it introduces a very famous creature of Legaia, in which most of you reading this probably know what that is. The Lippian! Well, actually it's called the Lyps in Legaia 2, but we all know it's the same creature (if not a sub-species of it). In a way, Gale Canyon can represent a maze and be hard to get through for the first time because there are so many dead ends. There are also locations that are not accessible until later in the game. Just make sure you don't forget that there are items left in Gale Canyon by the time you leave it. To get all the items possible on your first travel through, just click the "Items" child page and follow the path in which is shown.

Arrode shooting a chest

As you near the end of Gale Canyon, you'll run into a really unexpected boss named Elfin. After your confrontation with Elfin, its owner will become angry and want to kill Lang. Bubba, the owner, is stopped by the two newly introduced enemies named Marienne and Elliott. They battle Lang and end up defeating him in the end. After the defeat, Lang finds himself locked up in an unknown castle.

Later in the game, you can come back to Gale Canyon and find a grave site for Elfin, made by Bubba.

After you've obtained Sharon, go up the cliff to where the camera starts to pan out to the side of the hill. Use Arrode to shoot a bolt at the chest over on the hill to knock the chest down, and then go get your treasure!

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