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Hunter's Wood

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Hunters Wood

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<Hunter's Wood> is just as the name basically implies. It's the location in which all the hunters of Nohl go to get food for the small village. The beginning scene shows a deer drinking from a small stream in <Hunter's Wood>. Unfortunately, the entire time the player is in <Hunter's Wood>, it's spent fighting monsters rather than actually hunting.

The path for <Hunter's Wood> can seem intimidating if its your first time playing because there are so many forks. But it's quite easy after you've explored it and learned your way around it.

<Hunter's Wood> is actually visited a series of times throughout the game. It's visited twice early on and then later in the game, where the player will encounter the eclipse. Each visit, the creatures' difficulties stay even with the player's skill, keeping it from feeling like everything is too easy and can be rushed through.

The first visit to <Hunter's Wood> will present the first boss in the game. Like in the first game of Legaia, the first boss is also a common monster found later in the game. The creature nearly kills Dein, but Lang makes it in and saves him from near death.

During the second visit to <Hunter's Wood>, while it is storming, Lang will encounter his main enemy for the first time (Unlike the first game, where the main enemy isn't encountered until near the end of the game). The name is covered up as Gold Eyes and will be the main enemy throughout the entire game.

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