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The first time visiting Kravia, the player will only see the front gates to the town. Guards are discussing with some of the people who want to pass through and telling them they are not allowed in without a Kravian Pass. The player gets a hint as to where to find them by listening in on the discussion - get them in the citadel.

Once the party has retrieved their Kravian Pass, they are able to gain access to the small desert town. In this town, there are many little shops and places to visit to get new weapons, armor, food, etc. In addition, the player gets to gain access to the best part of Legaia 2: The Hunter's Guild. The Hunter's Guild is the building to the northeast of Kravia and allows the player to do side quests (Guild Missions), apart from the main storyline. It really takes away the whole "I must do the story" feel to the game and allows the player to do a little more. As the player gets farther into the story of Legaia 2, as well as defeated already-available side quests, more side quests will become available.

Before leaving Kravia to the south, Lang has a flashback memory of the dream introduced from the beginning of the game, where he met Avalon for the first time. Before leaving Kravia to continue in the game (or do the side quests), be sure to check out the Nicknames and Recipes> that you can gain while here.

If you leave Kravia and then return, you'll find Maya in the Equipment Shop, Holbane. Buy the Diamond Ring for her (30,000 G) and you will receive a piece of artwork!

Lastly, there's a slot machine of some sorts in the Hunter's Guild that you can play to win stuff. The following is a list of things that were found you can win with it:

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