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Nohl is the starting town to the world of Legaia 2. The main character, Lang, is introduced here and brings an immediate surprise to many Legaia gamers... He talks! Right after being awoken by his step-sister, he will speak his mind (depending on what you say).

The town of Nohl is also home to the sacred stone called the Aqualith. Actually, the real name for the Aqualith is the Azure Stone. It contains the element of water and spills an infinite amount of water into the pond of Nohl.

Nohl also has a nice look out to see over the town, just like in Legend of Legaia. Instead of viewing the billboard on the Genesis Tree of Legend of Legaia, you can view the entire town from the second story of the boardinghouse. Unfortunately, there are no descriptions to the town like in the first game.

Another thing that may come to a surprise to some players for Legaia 2, when exploring Nohl for the first time, is that every single person has a unique name, personality, and model. In the first game, very few characters had unique names.

After the character is joined with the Vigilance Corps, you can explore the town as you please and do whatever you want (except leave town!). When you are ready, you can talk to Galvan and Hawke in the boardinghouse to continue into the <Hunter's Wood>, where the player will begin their mission in hunting.

When returning from <Hunter's Wood> with Dein, the hero will be sent to go to sleep. In Lang's sleep, he dreams of some town burning down and a bunch of people rioting about the "Mystics." This is the first introduction to such beings, but it isn't quite explained at that point for what the Mystics are.

After the dream, and once you walk into the dinging area of the boarding house, Monde will run into the boarding house exclaiming that there's an emergency. After the cutscene with Galvan leaving Nohl along with Hawke saying he healed Boerto, Lang is now in control. Apparently too much time has gone by and Lang goes out to <Hunter's Wood> to retrieve Galvan and find the "demon."

Once the encounter with the demon is complete, the player will awake from sleeping. After having the freedom to move, you can go to the bridge of the pond to find the Aqualith has been taken by "Gold Eyes." Lang makes it a goal to return the Aqualith to town by leaving Nohl in search for Gold Eyes. At this point, the player can return to Nohl at any time and play Sidejump, a Mini-game! Just talk to Maxell.

Later in the game, Lang and the party will have the Aqualith and return it to the town of Nohl. Water starts coming out of the Aqualith immediately and the town is joyous over the whole thing. After visiting with the town, doing some fun stuff, etc. the party will head out to <Hunter's Wood> to meet up with Galvin and the other hunters. After encountering the new "Black Sun", the party gets ready to head out to Yuno to speak with Reym.

After talking to Reym in Yuno, the party is set to return to Nohl and retrieve the Aqualith again. Head over to Hawke in the building to the north to talk to him for the Aqualith. Once acquiring the Aqualith again, it's time to head to Kravia and see the nice cutscene while the party attempts to enter the town.

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