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Phorchoon is an exclusive-only city for those with some kind of ID to present themselves. Since Lang already has the Emblem of Nobility, he can present it to Demetrius, the owner of Phorchoon, to gain access to the place.

For the most part, Phorchoon is basically the "fun" location of the game. There are several different Mini-games that you can play from and gives you a little extra to do when in the world of Legaia 2. You can gain early access to Phorchoon if you talk to Stiel the first time you see him in the Hunter's Guild, since he mentions it. However, you can only gain access to the city after you've got the Blood Hawk moving.

Some people like to debate on whether there's really a <Heaven's Secret> in Phorchoon's Auction House. The main reason it's not likely is because the number of <Heaven's Secret>s known to exist total to the same number of equipment types that can be crafted with it. Having one extra <Heaven's Secret> would be pointless; unless you intend on just keeping one as a souvenir.

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