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The first time the player enters Tanza, a small clip is shown where the town had been flooded over, possibly due to the black sun's appearance. A few sailors mention that if the party needs a ship, they might be able to get one from <Darek's Haunt>, but then warn the party that there might be pirates there.

Tanza introduces the player to a few interesting things, so don't leave right away. The most notable thing being the Rice Planting game available here in the town. Also there's a bath house to where you can watch some entertaining reactions with Lang and Kazan.

The player can take a quiz from Satomi, found in the building to the east of Tanza. If the player answers all 10 questions correctly, they're awarded the nickname "Adventurer?" for Lang and an Adventurer's Kit (5 Camping Kits, 1 Flag of Retreat, and 1 <Hell's Path>). There are randomized questions, so I've made a list of questions that are asked (that I found) with the answers, located at the bottom of this page. If you find a question not on this list, screenshot the question with the answers and email it on over.

  1. What is Green Lynx Inn's specialty dish that can be found in tourist guide books? Beef Stew
  2. What is the favorite animal of Bubba, who was recently appointed to work under the Bishop? Elfin
  3. What is the proof of being a Mystic? Having a mark
  4. Many rumors surround Doplin Castle. Which one is true? There are large ruins underneath
  5. Which forest must you cross to get to the Forgotten Village of Yuno in the far north? The Forest Maze
  6. The nobles of Darakin always carry proof of their social status. What is it? Emblem of Nobility
  7. What is the legacy of the civilization that used magic and once spread across the continent? Legacy of Kabel
  8. What is the name of the card that comes in handy for shopping? VIP Card
  9. What is the name of the founder of the Holy Order of Banderas who was born in Darakin? Saint Joprian
  10. What is the name of the quarterly magazine that covers all aspects of daily life in Darakin? Darakin Rag-Autumn
  11. How much is a Heal Potion? 1000G
  12. What is the name of Darakin's famous restaurant? Chez Snobbe
  13. How many shops are there in Kravia, the town located in the center of the continent? 13
  14. Which item do you need to go through Gale Canyon in the southeast of Darakin? Wind Talisman
  15. A guild provides jobs for adventurers in Kravia. What is the name of the receptionist there? Sonnet
  16. Tanza's cooking is distinct from other places in one major way. It is: Super spicy
  17. Who is the captain of the Red Knights, whose brother is the captain of the Blue Knights? Raynof
  18. What is the name of Tanza's famed hot springs resort? Miyawaki
  19. What does my darling Dr. Hugo most want to have? Monster samples
  20. Who is the captain of the Blue Knights that guard Doplin Castle? Balken
  21. Who is the brother of Marienne, the daughter of the Bishop? Elliott
  22. What is the famed dish of Kravia involving a huge piece of meat? Kravia Kabob
  23. Which elemental attacks work best against Fire element monsters? Water element
  24. What is the name of the ancient spirit who watches over Mt. Gabel from deep inside? Mountain Morg
  25. What special item prevents losing one's way in The Forest Maze? Mizel Red Sand
  26. What is the proper name of Darakin? Darakin Citadel
  27. What caused the crater in Kravia? Mystic's rampage
  28. There are many schools of fighting arts. Which school teaches the fusing of fighting spirit with a sword? Sky Fang School
  29. What is Bishop Doplin's religion? Holy Order of Banderas
  30. An ancient spirit resides in a tree in the Forgotten Village, Yuno. What is his name? Reym

Did you think that was it? Nope! There is another set of questions that you can get after you've finished the Wind Tower. Here are the questions and their answers.

  1. How old was Lang when he finally stopped wetting his bed? 10
  2. How many Materials are needed to make a Sharp Saber from a Useless Toy Katana? 7
  3. What is the nickname of the elder in Jinga? Elder of the West Wind
  4. How much is the Tomato Risotto at the Green Lynx Inn? 120G
  5. What is Marienne's favorite food? Marrons Glaces
  6. Barton is a rich noble who owns a mansion in Darakin. What is the name of his son? Vintel
  7. The sand mole stew sold in ,Kravia> is sometimes off. What is the effect of it being off? Gives you a stomach ache
  8. To make a Skeleton Saber from a Steel Saber, you need a Cress Rock and...? an Iron Fang Stone
  9. What is the name of the captain of the Golden Knights, a frequent winner in Phorchoon? Vixon
  10. What are the names of the bellhops in Phorchoon? Quer and Cattan
  11. How much does Marienne weigh? 297 lbs
  12. How old is Kazan? 60 years old
  13. Which level of room in the hotel in Darakin connects to the sewer? Classic
  14. What is the name of the special unit under the Bishop, comprising Bubba, Marienne, and Elliott? Gereha
  15. Why is Bubba one of Doplin's followers? He was granted amnesty
  16. Where were Elliott and Marienne born? Freecity, Kravia
  17. How much is Blowfish Weed? 500G
  18. How many pirates are there, including Sharon? 8
  19. How many stray cats are there in Darakin? Three
  20. How old is Maya? 14
  21. How tall is Ayne? 8'8"
  22. To make that spicy pilaf, Jambalya, you need Pork, Spices, Rice, and what else? Vegetables
  23. What does Bubba cherish the most? Memory of Elfin
  24. What is Sharon's chest size? 34 inches
  25. What is the name of the World Adventurer? Miura
  26. How many residents are there in Jinga? 11
  27. What is the name of the pretty lady with a big secret in front of the bar in Kravia? Myulla
  28. What is the name of Sharon's pirate ship? Blood Hawk
  29. Can the snowmen in the Forgotten Village, Yuno, be smashed? Only one of them
  30. What generation is Doplin's current Bishop? 13th

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