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Thunder Mine

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Thunder Mine

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The Thunder Mine is the location where Legaians used to mine for ThunderWind Stones. Now scarce, the ThunderWind Stone is an extremely rare and expensive item - said to be worth more than even diamonds. Unfortunately, the party just happen to need one to navigate the Blood Hawk pirate ship in Darek's Haunt. The Thunder Mine is filled with strong monsters, so be sure to eat a meal before heading in because you'll need it when fighting some of them.

zapping slime

The Thunder Mine also contains four Lightning Tears. These Tears are what the party will need in order to get their precious ThunderWind Stone. So throughout the map, the player can find the Lightning Tears (locations shown in the items page).

Additionally, watch out for the sneaky slimes hiding on the walls. As seen in the screen shot to the right, you can use Sharon's Origin to kill them instead of being ambushed by them.

There is a certain pattern you want to follow when inserting/removing the Lightning Tears on the pedestals. Of course, the first Lightning Tear will go in the western pedestal. After obtaining the second Lightning Tear, you're going to want to insert it into the southern pedestal, remove the western one and then place that one in the eastern pedestal. After grabbing the last two Lightning Tears, just place them into the northern and western pedestals.

Once you have obtained all four Lightning Tears and used them in the pedestals, the four seals blocking the center of the Thunder Mine will be broken. Prepare yourself at the camp site and then head down to the middle of the Thunder Mine. You'll suddenly start fighting the boss, Storm Idol. After defeating the Storm Idol, the party will be rewarded with the ThunderWind Stone. At this point, you can return to Darek's Haunt and began sailing the Blood Hawk!

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