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Wind Tower

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Wind Tower

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The Wind Tower is the location of the last sacred stone, the Aerolith. The only way to get it is to have something that can fly or teleport someone to its location. Luckily, the party manages to get just what is necessary to fly to the Wind Tower and obtain the last of the stones. Along the way, there are small puzzles (like in Drokonia) to figure out before you can actually obtain the sacred stone.

You'll also find many pillars around the Wind Tower. These can all be knocked over using Galea. The first of the pillars you'll find is one that can be used as a bridge to get to three chests on an "island". Use these pillars throughout the map to get to different locations. Knock down every single one if you intend on trying to collect all items.

Knocking down a pillar

Additionally, you'll find a lot of thunder switches that can activate different wind tunnels in the tower. The first one will only activate the one wind tunnel, which you can then use the platform (by pushing X) to move and head to the portal to the next area.

When you arrive to the next platform with a thunder switch, you'll see two diamond-shaped rocks. Throw a bolt at the left one to activate the switch. Move the platform to the next little island. Do not step on the red square; this will just return you back to the beginning. Head south and knock down the pillar and then go north, where you'll find a pillar to knock over that leads to an island with two switches and another floating platform.

Step on only the bottom of the two stones and then try to shoot a bolt at the right-most crystal. This'll activate the thunder switch and then you can ride the platform to the center of the place. From here, you want to step on the red platform this time if you intend on grabbing the chest. If stepping on the red platform, you'll need to re-enter, deactivate the right thunder switch, and then walk around on the knocked-down pillars to get to the western-most platform and then float across to the island. From there, enter the red portal again, reactivate the east thunder switch, and head onto the next area.

At the end, you'll find Rauss guarding the stone. After defeating him, you can grab the stone and be on your way.

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