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Darek's Haunt Items

Last Updated: 2018-01-15 01:52:24 (k73sk)

Image Description
restore leaf in a chest After entering the cave to Darek's Haunt, and having some free movement, head behind the building (on the hill) to get this chest.
revival bottle in a chest Once you're on the ship, climb the ladder to the right to get to this chest.
heavens secret from Asteya Score at least 50,000 points in Knife Throwing to obtain this and a nickname.
maidens heart from Asteya At the time you visit to see Kenjiro in Darek's Haunt, head to Sharon's room and check the drawer.
star bandana Sometime later in the game, you'll find Dupon and Yahn standing on the deck. Talk to them and accept the offer to join the crew.

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