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Marienne and Elliott

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Marienne and Elliott

Name Found Attribute Difficulty HP/MP (M) HP/MP (E) Level (M/E) Gold Experience
Marienne and Elliott Gale Canyon Both Dark Impossible 1445/157 1193/128 12/12 N/A N/A

Marienne Sharp Viper

Right after battling Elfin, you have to now face two opponents, Marienne and Elliott. They're both siblings and are fought twice throughout the game of Legaia 2. In this battle, they're actually impossible to defeat. But note, it is possible to defeat one (either one). The only problem is that no matter what you do, the Mystics will use their "special power" with their Origins and defeat Lang afterwards. Of course, if it makes you feel better, you can really try to defeat one of them and make them feel "weak" seeing that you're not even using your Origin to take them out.

What's unique about these two enemies is that they introduce types of Arts that the player later learns - Hyper Arts! Elliott uses two powerful Hyper Arts, one called Sharp Viper and the other called Kurie Dance. Both of them are really nothing that'll kill you off unless you're low on health, but it does take a chunk of your health out.

Marienne Present Play

Marienne uses two different Hyper Arts, one being Present Play and the other being Elegant Royal. For the former, she just does a bunch of hits in the air and slams her belly on Lang while the latter is just a bunch of strikes with her wand. Both Elliott's and Marienne's Arts are about equally dangerous.

Finally, as you lose the battle, the siblings use a special power attack that they supposedly formed together. After you've been defeated, you're finally taken off to Doplin Castle (Darakin).

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