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Avalon (Boss)

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Name Found Attribute Difficulty HP/MP Level Gold Experience
Avalon Demiurge Tower Void Easy/Hard 69760-257088/


65 10000 10000


The first battle with Avalon is rather simple. His HP is real low and his attacks aren't all that frightening, although they do look pretty cool. He'll use his Origin to attack the party, with moves like the one known as Nothingness.

It's a good idea to save off on the Variable Arts and just use normal attacks to get rid of Avalon in this battle for the first time. You want to save all your AP and powers for the following battle (A two-part battle). In the second battle against Avalon, his resurrected form, he has much more health and AP than he did previously. However, his special attacks are still the same as previously (but with more damage this time). Now is the time to use your variable arts and your Point Card, if you have it. After defeating Avalon a second time, the battle is still not over. He will transform into the Infinite One (separate boss page).

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