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Name Found Attribute Difficulty HP/MP Level Gold Experience
Nogartaris Drokonia Dark Easy 120256/432 62 54942 14934

Crag Buster

Nogartaris is one of two bosses you'll encounter on the Invaders from Another World guild mission. It'll be getting ready to attack Phanta before Balzac runs in front of the attack and gets struck himself. From here, Lang jumps in front of Balzac and the battle begins.

It may seem odd that Nogartaris is a rather easy boss for 240,000 G reward at the guild, but it's because Nogartaris is one of two battles you'll face. Luckily, Nogartaris is easy to defeat with just having to do maybe 2 or 3 turns at most. Simply watch out for the special attack called Crag Buster, which attacks the entire party.

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