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Name Found Attribute Difficulty HP/MP Level Gold Experience
Ruglionaut Drokonia Thunder Hard 337568/999 63 93798 47693


The final boss you'll have to face in the guild missions is the Ruglionaut. It's also the strongest enemy, excluding the final Infinite One boss, that you'll face in Legaia 2. With the immense amount of HP and strong special attacks, you'll need to try and take the creature out with all you got. The best bet is to, as usual, use the variable arts and Mystic arts if you have them available already (and the right requirements).

Ruglionaut will use a special attack called Zephyr. This is just like any of the other forms of this creature, where it'll strike one party member with a ton of damage. It's good to have someone taking care of the healing during this battle and the other two fighting Ruglionaut with variable arts.

It's highly advised that you do not use Sharon in this battle. Instead of damaging by the thunder attacks from Sharon, she'll actually do the opposite - heal Ruglionaut! Unless you do Variable arts, this means that the battle will not be in your favor in any way.

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