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Name Location(s)
Auction Phorchoon

One of the most debatable places in Legaia 2 for players is the Auction House. Many people have claimed to have obtained a <Heaven's Secret> from this, but there has yet to be a screenshot to provide proof. Additionally, some have taken the measurement in auctioning for hours to see what items are possible; even taking note of the ORDER that they come in. In response to all those, the list below was not formed from *any* other sources, nor what order they come in, etc. If a <Heaven's Secret> is found, it'll be known here (as well as the Phorchoon Items page and <Heaven's Secret> page). But based on the number of <Heaven's Secret>s in the game, there are heavy doubts.

Below is a table of the items that have been observed to be in the Auction, in the order that they were observed in. This is not including the item that you need to win at the Auction for the Guild Mission, Reik Flowers.

NOTE: The item order is read Left->Right, Up->Down. First Inscribed Sword, then Leaf of Mysticism, etc.

Item Name Item Name Item Name
Inscribed Sword Leaf of Mysticism Wretched Ponelot
Golden Dragon Iron Armbands (<Ayne's Arm Armor>) Rixelian Plant
<BlackDemon's Heart> Statue of Arkuslam <Angel's Miracle>
Degenerate Reality War Handguard (<Lang's Gloves>) Venus
Gem-Covered Dress Raw Alexandrite Fruit of The Gods
<Morning Glory> Earth Axe (<Ayne's Weapons>) Palatial Bed
Fargoh Cloth <St. Joprian's Cup> Leaf of Stamina
Dimension Linker Thunder Shoes (<Kazan's Boots>) Monster Fossil
<Kodama's Bonsai> Wiseman's Socks (<Maya's Boots>) Rozmed Tablet
Leaf of Defiance Count Rembreau Chabu Liquid
Hanging Scroll Saint's Garb (<Maya's Body Armor>) Filot Plate
<Merchant's Soul> Lady Chelsey Cursed Shadow (<Kazan's Body Armor>)
Tekecha Plant Force Crystal Mysterious Clock
<Goddess's Blessing> Flower in Buraje Thousand Saga (<Lang's Weapons>)
<Shigezo's Bonsai> Orhalcon Stone <Rosanne's Clock>
Leaf of Vigor Cabey River Wonder Bikini (<Sharon's Chest Armor>)
Dolpheii Forever <Holy King's Gem> Particle Monitor
<Goddess's Miracle> Diamond Ring Night Striker (<Sharon's Weapons>)
A Meal with Romleo

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