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Roulette Phorchoon

A new and fairly easy-to-win game is Roulette. There is a total of 11 prizes that you can win from the game, and each table in Phorchoon gives a different prize. Below is the table of items that you can win along with the number that you must land on. NOTE: These are taken from the strategy guide for now - I have not tested the end results and their accuracy.

The hint to the game of Roulette for Legaia 2 is to follow the movement of the blocks. Try to start off with watching the gold box. Immediately after you hit X, follow the item that just hit the gold box. Watch where it lands. After learning the amount of time it takes to stop the wheel, you should be able to get basically anything you desire with the game, and even make a profit off it.

Number West Table Prize East Table Prize
Black Star Nothing Nothing
1 Heal Powder Magic Powder
2 Sour Bloom Sevti Sheet Metal
3 Bronze Barome PonPon
4 Heal Leaf Chibe Gold Bullion
5 Attack Bottle <Big Child's Bed>
6 <Big Bean> <Wooden Table>
7 Magic Transformer Eternal Flame
8 Radiant Sphere Fargoh Cloth
9 Black Opal Attack Booster
10 King Dream Holy King's Gem
Gold Star Golden Barome Resurrect Bottle

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