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Find the Rare Creature!

Last Updated: 2018-01-15 01:52:11 (k73sk)

Name When available Reward Who posted the quest Description
Find the Rare Creature! Immediately 60,000 G Fujima It's out there somewhere in the world...! Capture a rare creature called a 'Lypster' for me.

Image of a lyps

Sonnet: This is a quest from Fujima. He's staying at the inn in Kravia. I don't know if it's true, but he says there's a rare creature called a 'Lypster.' You have to find one and bring it to him. The reward money is 60,000 G.

After accepting the quest, Sonnet will give the player a hint that she has heard the Lyspter is connected with a Lyps. What you need to do now is head over to <Hunter's Wood> to find the Lypster. You may need to talk to Fujima before going to <Hunter's Wood>.

If you go and talk to Fujima, he lets you know that the Lypster is not a creature, like you (and apparently Sonnet) would think, but instead an item (although he's wrong too, it's a baby Lyps, as seen in the image). He lets you know that you can find the Lyps in the forest just beyond Gale Canyon (<Hunter's Wood>).

The lypster

Upon entering <Hunter's Wood>, you'll find many Lyps's running around in circles. Just run up to it to start the battle with any of the Lyps's. You'll need to attack most of the Lyps's found in <Hunter's Wood> to finally find the Lypster. You'll know when you found the correct Lyps, for it'll be red and bewitch the party members it attacks. Use your strong attacks against the Lyps since it's HP is going to be much higher than normal. Upon obtaining the Lypster, head back to Kravia and talk to Fujima. He'll give you an item, Vaccine Syringe, and lets you know that you can get your money from the Guild. So head back to the guild and finish the quest once and for all.

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