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Invaders from Another World

Last Updated: 2018-01-15 01:52:11 (k73sk)

Name When available Reward Who posted the quest Description
nvaders from Another World After defeating Velna 240,000 G The Royal Knights Monsters from another world have appeared in Drokonia. Get rid of them.

Sonnet: I've just gotten word that the investigation team sent to Volcanic Isle, Drokonia was attacked by some huge, mysterious beast. The Royal Knights that went with them are offering a prize of 240,000 G for this monster. Will you accept the quest?

monster attacking balzac

It's time to head over to Drokonia to do your final Guild Mission (assuming you finished the rest). This enemy will be the hardest enemy you'll face in Legaia 2, excluding the final battle. So prepare yourself with meals, items, and anything else you may need. Your goal here is to head to the depths of the volcano, where you originally fought Var Zelph and got the Pyrolith.

On the way into the volcano, you'll run into Balzac and Phanta. Phanta gets upset at Balzac for begging for food and leaves him to go farther into the mountain. And then, as you continue down deeper, you'll find her in trouble against a creature called Nogartaris. This is a special boss that you'll have to fight. After defeating it, head deeper into the volcano (where you found the Pyrolith) to find, once again, another monster called Ruglionaut.

Once you've finally defeated Ruglionaut, head through the red portal to the entrance of the volcano and then go to the guild for your final reward. You actually get a reward of 300,000 G instead of 240,000 G. Along with the money, you get an Exorcist Katana (Sharon's Weapons)

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