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My Daughter is Lost!

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Name When available Reward Who posted the quest Description
My Daughter is Missing! Finish the quest, Tanza Tea Cakes 80,000 G Count Lonatello My daughter is missing! I want you to find her.

Sonnet: This is a quest from Count Lonatello. He says that his daughter, Cammy, is missing. She disappeared from the Three Star Hotel in Darakin where they were staying. Hopefully you'll be able to track her from there. The reward money is 80,000 G.

The daughter surroudned

Now, if it hadn't been obvious the moment you heard the name of the hotel, the daughter went into the Sewers. What makes it more obvious is once you reach the hotel and find that Count Lonatello is in the very room where you have access to the Sewers (why is that in a room anyway?). Before continuing, it's highly recommend you cook a good meal for the party, rest, and make sure you're good on spellbind and healing items.

It's faster to reach the daughter from the hotel's entrance to the Sewers, so go ahead and go in from there. Head towards the room where you originally found the Way of Rage (western most part of the Sewers). You shouldn't have to push any levers to get to Cammy. Once you find her, you'll see her surrounded by a couple of skeletons called Warmongers. Kill off the Warmongers to save the daughter. There are actually two sets of these Warmongers. The first one is hard as it is; but then you have to battle another set so be prepared for an extreme battle.

Once you've defeated the Warmongers, head back to the Guild to get your reward. Count Lonatello will also give the player a thank-you gift, Lion Heart (<Sharon's Chest Armor>)

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