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Mysterious Potion

Last Updated: 2018-01-15 01:52:11 (k73sk)

Name When available Reward Who posted the quest Description
Mysterious Potion After obtaining the dragon 30,000 G Joe I ordered a potion from the black market shop in Tanza. Go get it for me.

Sonnet: This is a quest from Joe, an... 'information source' in Darakin. The Golden Groneh he ordered from Rindo in Tanza hasn't arrived yet, so he wants you to go investigate. The reward is 30,000 G.

Talking to Rindo

Right after grabbing the quest, head right over to Tanza nearby and talk to Rindo (far-west of Tanza). He'll tell you that the item isn't ready because he's short of ingredients. Ask him what he means by short of ingredients and he'll tell you what ingredients he is missing. Head over to the Forest Maze and get the Golden Apple (view the Forest Maze page to see how to get it). Then, if you don't have a Magic Potion already, make one when camping or when visiting an items shop and use the necessary ingredients to create one. Finally, return to Rindo for your reward. He'll ask you how much you want to be paid. Select "None" and Rindo will say that he must pay you, so he'll give you 3000 G. All other choices will give you only 1000 G. Afterwards, head to Darakin and give the potion to Joe. Finally, head back to the guild to get your reward.

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